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cymbol repair?

Is it possible to fix a cracked crash cymbol.

October 2010
Ayden is on the right track. If the crack is NOT in the bell (cup) but out on the profile area of your cymbal and if you catch the crack early on, drilling a 1/8" hole at each end of the crack will stop it in it's track. One edge of each hole must connect with the end of the crack and 'tother with the undamaged part of your cymbal. Those cracks most always run in a linear path along the tone grooves. The hole will stop the crack. A small 1/8' hole will have minimal impact on the sound. Of course, the cymbal will never sound as it did before the crack but, ya still got a cymbal, dude!

May 2011
hey man. cymbols are made out of brass which is under stress so welding/brazing is out of the question. what you can do though is this... At the end of the crack make 2-3 wholes going across and then join them to make 1 largeish oblong kind of hole. this will stop the cymol cracking more. will still sound different but its better than nothing.

December 2010


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