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how can i stop bass drum echo?

hey how can i stop bass drum echo WITHOUT USING PILLOWS AND OLD BED SHEETS, i tryed a remo flam slam but that did stop much echo if some knows please write back thank u.

August 2009
dont hit it so hard xD

October 2009
I use any batter head of chioce on my early 70's Slingerland 24" bass drum for the sound I like. I like a big sound so I use either a clear or coated Remo Emporer. I use a Remo Power Stroke 3 on the front side. It has a dampning ring around the outside edge that will take care of your problem and you will achieve the sound you would like depending on which batter head you choose. The Power Stroke comes in white or ebony and you can get them with mike holes if you like.

Mike Poland
August 2009


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