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My toms (floor tom, left tom and right tom) hae an echo.. anyway to stop it?

My floor tom, left and right tom have an echo .. i have tried by taken of the bottom skin and i have tried tightning the skins but it still has an echo .. is their any other way to make it stop? .

May 2010
take a tissue and fold it in the shape of a rectangle and take some duct tape and tape it on the edge of the drum head. if done right it will remove overtones and dampen any ringing.

Taylor Ellis
September 2010
you should also look at the surroundings your playing in the acoustics of a room does have a lot to do with (sound travel) you must ensure you sound proof your room this will cut a lot of overtone ( battening and carpet on walls is good carpet on floors and a solid door will help now the sound will not bounce of walls it will be absorbed by the carpeted walls to go one step further stick rock wool in the cavity in between the carpet and wall cover you window with a sheet/blanket

paul hayman
August 2010
try to tune your kit down from floor tom to small rack toms as floor tom is the biggest tom (usually) you must tune this first and get right if it still rings it will need some form of dampening but you should be able to find a happy median i had an 18" by 18" floor tom on a premier projector first i tuned the bottom head then the top any ring i tune down accordingly the bottom head being lower in tone than the top just you can purchase a felt dampener but you should not need it if you tune your kit right it is probably making a boinking noise i hope this answers your plight .

paul hayman
August 2010
I can't really play the drums but I've recorded a few drummers in my time and one thing I've learned is you have to look at the whole kit when you're trying to track down unwanted ringing or resonance. For instance, you can drive yourself nuts damping the one tom you're hitting, only to discover its the floor tom that's ringing in sympathy. Good Luck!

Simon Croft
June 2010
have you tried moon gel, gaffer tape, duck tape, o-rings or e rings ?

i've got the same problem but I've only tried the two tapes which doesnt help apart from on the snare drum. I think an O ring on top of the drums should work

May 2010


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