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loss of internet connection?

hi, i wonder if anyone can help me out.
i am on aol broadband via a netgear dg834g v3 with a phoneline connection.
my pc is connected via a lan in port 1, my son's xbox is connected via a lan in port 2, and his pc is connected via a wireless dongle.
when my son wants to use his xbox, or pc and i am not using my pc, we only turn the power on for the router and everything works fine, but if at some point, i turn on my pc,( while my son is online ) the internet connection is lost.
we then have to switch everything off, and start from scratch ( and hopefully get re connected ).
I also have a d-link dsl-2640r router, which i tried swapping with the netgear, but got the same problem.
the strange thing is that this never used to happen before and i can't understand what might have changed to cause this problem.
any help would be greatly appreciated.

September 2010
You could also try a system restore point as you say it didnt happen before. Try to remember when it started happening then go to, all programs, accessories,system tools, system restore, click on it, find a date before you started having problems then restore your computer to that point

October 2010
thanks for the tip T, i will try your suggestion.

September 2010
First of all don't turn your router off when not in use. They are designed to run 24/7.

Next go into the Ethernet/WiFi settings for each of the devices and ensure that they are set to use DHCP. In other words they should not have Fixed IP IP Addresses.

September 2010


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