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how do u change the belt on a proaction hoover bagless?

the belt has snaped on my proaction vc9340s-6

March 2010
You undo and remove the four screws underneath and then turn the vacuum cleaner back over. It is the top of the cleaner that comes off to give access to the belt. Then continue as described.

March 2013
follow instructions above but when taking the bottom off pull the rubber seal off too it will open the bottom of the unit

January 2012
I have just bought the same model today and enclose the answer from the instruction book.

How to remove the Bottom Plate;

Unplug the vacuum.
1. Place vacuum in the low position by pressing the handle release pedal twice. Then, turn the vacuum over, exposing the underside. 2. Remove the four screws, holding the lower plate in place. 3. Now remove the bottom plate.

How to replace the Belt
1. turn the unit over and remove the bottom plate as described above.
2. Remove the agitator holder. Take out the agitator assembly and the motordrive shaft.
3. Loop the new belt around the agitator pulley and the motordrive shaft.
4. Reinsert the agitator assembly back into housing. Turn the agitator assembly by hand, making sure the belt is not twisted and all rotating parts move smoothly.
5. Reinsert the agitator holder. Be sure that the agitator holder is in place before fastening the bottom plate.
6. Hook the front end of the bottom plate to the two ribs at the front end of the housing. Press the bottom plate into place and fasten it by four screws.

April 2010
sorry no answer i have same problem and have spent two houes tring to get into it..have lost the maual and cannot find an online one!! same hoover....

March 2010


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