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My Numatic Henry has lost it's suction?

I can't figure out why the henry's suction seems to be weak. i feel it pull when i have the brush off, put once I put the brush on it can't pick anything up. It doesnt sound as load either. i have checked the bag, it's not full. Any suggestions?

Curious cleaner
March 2010
Hose blocked stick a pole through it,or its blocked at the brush fitting try taking hose of if it still blocked then it is at the entrance to the bag

March 2010
Further to Peccavi comments. You mentioned the brush it also could be blocked inside and need to be cleaned.

March 2010
It's just a fan in a box with a hole to let the air in and a hole to let the air out. The air moving through is used to cool the motor so there needs to be a filter to stop dust and grit spoiling the motor.

If you take the hose off and cover the inlet hole with your hand you should be able to feel the suction - you should also hear the motor run a bit faster - off load with no air to move. If not, then air is entering the body where it should not.

With the hose connected you should get the same effect when you cover the inlet at the brush end. If the motor runs fast without covering the end it shows that there may be a blockage in the hose - if the suction is weak it may show a split in the hose where air is getting in.

Any internal filters may sometimes be clogged which will reduce suction

March 2010


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