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cannot get tape to load on sony dcr-hc24e?

I cannot get tape to load on sony handycam dcr-hc24e. I have tried pressing gently on tape but this does not work.

January 2010
Hi friend, I was surfing the web & find this info, it might be useful to you:

I fixed my C:32:11 error. I had to disassemble the camera and reassemble it. Nothing else worked for me. I found this service manual for a similar model for 4 dollars downloaded ( . . .) and it was helpful in determining the order of disassembly. It is also really helpful in understanding the error codes. C:32:11 means "Unload direction loading motor time out". C:32:10 is similar but in the loading direction. This means (probably) that even though the tape was ejected on my camera, the camera motor did not move the mechanism to the full end of it's range. The camera was still stuck trying to unload the tape. My guess us that the gears were frozen, perhaps by some debris, as I saw nothing else wrong.

Resuming, the solution is to dissasemble the camcorder completely to get to the specified gear & turn it in the right way until it clicks, I have another info but it is written in Spanish. Greetings & hope this help you.

February 2010

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