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Why doesn't my Hoover spin scrub brushes won't turn?

My Hoover spin scrub brushes quit turning, how do I repair this?

November 2009
Just fixed mine. There is a small coil spring that connects the brush "on/off" switch to a linkage that actuates the motor to spin the brushes. This sping had fallen off, so the linkage remained in the "off" position. To access the sping you'll need to remove the dark gray cover shroud. First remove the two recessed screws from the bottom of the unit that anchor the shroud. Then pry up on the green cap of the brush "on/off" switch to remove it. Then there is just one more screw which is accessed on the top side, just under the clear water channel, where this channel locks into the catch bucket. One good tug on each of the posts back by the wheel axle covers will free the shroud. If you're lucky like me, the spring will still be partially in place, and you'll just need to re-attach one end. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

December 2009

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