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how to fix my snare drum ?

how to fix my snare drum from echoing back a really annoying twanny sound that happens when you either hit the drum or any of the other drums but not the cymbals

May 2009
Getting a snare drum to sound 'right' is all about tuning. Not just the top batter head, but also the bottom snare head and the snares themselves. Snares need to be tight enough to give you the buzz you want when engaged, but loose enough to no buzz when disengaged. All snares will buzz some against the right frequency of other instruments being played. If they're buzzing all the time, they aren't tuned correctly - probably too loose. Good drumming

P1 drummerman
June 2009
The snare drum works by hitting the top or batter head, which then causes the bottom head and snares to vibrate, giving the typical snare drum sound. The snares will therefore vibrate when any drum near them is also struck.
If you are getting any other overtones, like high-pitched whines or similar, then your drum needs tuning and/or dampening. Any other low-pitched instrument e.g., the bass - will also cause snares to vibrate in sympathy. The only snare drum to not vibrate like this is an electronic one.

June 2009


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