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Sanyo VM-D66P camcorder playback function problem?

All other functions seem fine , I have cleaned the heads using the specified cleaning tape but the only way I can tell what I am playing back is to use the still/picture search/FF functions. As soon as I return to normal playback mode the picture is flickery to the extent that I cant tell what I'm looking at, similar to a video player whose tracking needs adjusting but there is no such adjustment on this machine. Any suggestions appreciated, also suggestions on service centres if they still exist.

January 2006
I have the same problem. Would like to get the recordings off the Video8 medium. Don't see any answer here.

dhoffman7 at hotmail
November 2010
Hey mine is just like that, did you ever find a remedy?
Oscar Lee
09:06 28th Oct 2009

Oscar Lee
October 2009


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