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electrolux cyclone xl keeps stoping and starting?

hi ive got a electrolux cyclone xl and it keep's stopping and starting while im using it at first i thought it was a break in the wire so i switched it on and did not move it and it does the same if i turn the power down it lasts longer ive tried removing the polen filter and this helps i think it's a overheating problem but dont know if this model is fiitted with a thormo switch if it is it could be that as the exhaust is rather hot if there is a thermo switch where is it and how can i check it

dave denton lpool
April 2009
Hi we have had problems with this model for some years when it gets hot it coughs and splutters then stops, some times emitting smoke, when it cools down its okay for a while.I think the fan assembly siezes up!!

October 2012


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