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old Sanyo VM-D66P cassette problems?

When I try to record, play, forward, rewind i get an flashing error saying CASSETTE and nothing happens. The camera is very old, is there a fix?

Matthew Dobing
November 2005
where i can get the prinsipal scheme of repair Sanyo vm d66p ? Manual How to repair ? Give link or site ? I find all information diagrams ,schemes about Sanyo vm d66p!!!!

May 2008
according to the instruction manual this occurs if ;
cassette erase protection is set, problem with the record function or there is moisture on the cassette tape. If the latter is the case just leave the cassette out of its case in a warm dry room for a day or so to dry out naturally (leave the hair-dryer alone !)

Nigel Button
January 2006


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