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how do i replace the choke lever?

Hi . I have a 25cc Craftsman gas powered hedge trimmer. The plastic blue "choke lever" broke. I purchased a new one from Sears, but it has no installation instructions. The lever comes with a little tiny spring, a tiny tiny ball, a flat round "disk" and the blue lever. Are there instructions anywhere? Could someone help me? It is only a few years old, and i have taken it apart-but now do not know how to put it back together...Thanks in advance...

M. K.
December 2008
unscrew the one phillips screw on the black square plastic bloc on the carburator. Then the 2 hex screws.
Pull on the aluminium dick to remove it from the blue plastic shaft, the the shaft can come out to the side.
slide the new one into that hole on the side, and the new disk into the shaft.

March 2009

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