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hoover carpet cleaner doesn't squirt cleaner?

i loaned my brand new cleaner to my son and girlfriend, which turned out to be a huge mistake, they didn't even empty it upon me picking it up....ugh!!!!!!!anyway it was so clogged with human and pet hair and filth it won't squirt the cleaner any more, any help would be appreciated, what can i take apart that will aid me in getting it to work, i hate to throw it out tho i feel like it today.......any assistance will be greatly appreciated....many thanks...oh brand: Hoover 12 amp SpinScrub

November 2008
I am a bit insulted by your answer, she in no way resembles me, acts like me or anything else......nor would I borrow anyone else's applicance. If I don't own it, I don't even think about borrowing anything. Your answer, didn't answer my question which really was a technical one.....I don't need your kind of advice.....

the kylester
November 2008
It's about time you got your son to face up to his responsibilities - stop being so soft on him. It was your son and his girlfriend who clogged up your machine and it's their responsibility to sort it out for you.

If you fail to get them involved in the repair and just brood about how lazy they are and lacking in thought for you it will just build up over time into resentment. Tell them politely that you are not best pleased and ask them to call in and help to sort it out - it will really help all three of you. Be nice to her especially when they call in and remember - boys often choose girls because they remind them of their mother!

Aunt Agony
November 2008


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