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sanyo vm=d66p 8mm camcorder problem?

I have an old sanyo vm=d66p 8mm camcorder, which i haven't used for about 10 years. I have tried to playback the cassettes, but it won't show anything even when I try to play it on the tv. I can sometimes see a bit of the recording, but it's very slight and I can't make out what it is.

November 2008
H have a Sanyo VM-D66P camcorder and need a replacement eyepiece for the viewfinder...can anyone help?

Derek Nelson-Wills
September 2018
I had a similar problem and took the camera to my local fix-it television chap. It's apparently likely to be a problem with ageing electronic components and the bits are no longer available. I bought 3 others on e-bay and none of them works either. I eventually solved the problem by borrowing a working camera from my neighbour and transferring the pre-recorded tapes onto DVD. Sorry I can't be more encouraging.

Phil Baker
November 2008

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