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Troybilt (MTD) electric blade clutch will not engage?

When I pull the switch to engage the electric clutch for the mower deck nothing happens. I pulled the switch off and checked it and it seems OK. Where do I look next. How do I fix this puppy. Help! My grass is growing as we speak. This is a Troybilt lawnmower I bought at lowe's with a 46 inch mowing deck.

August 2004
First things first.How did you check the switch? Try to check it with a owms meter to make sure that the switch is working propely. try the switsh both ways in the on and off setting. If you find that the switch is working propely than Check to see if there is voltage through one of the wires that the clutch plugs into. Take a 12 volt tester and hook the gater clip to ground and start the mower. Engage the switch like you were trying to start the mowing deck and check to see if you get power from the switch. It is a simple switch used. Only two wires to it. One will become hot and the other is a grown wire. Good luck !

August 2004

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