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low pressure on gas hotpoint gas hob?


My Hotpoint gas hob is 8 months old and has just started with this problem.

If I light any 1 ring on its own, it the flame burns at about 3/4 its normal size at MAX and nearly goes out when turned to low.
If I light another ring, the gas pressure is halved again; if any 2 rings are on MAX, the flame size of both is low.

It is connected to natural gas with a 1/2" bayonet type hose connector. This came new with the cooker.

Could the wall connector (the type that shuts off when you disconnect the hose) be at fault, if it is not opening fully?

Thanks in advance

September 2008
when i turn on my gas hob 4 rings or 1 ring it starts off
high then turns down to low setting

December 2012
tis is not a answer but a question, while having a new meter connected out ide the houst the installers have told us that the house has low pressure and it xould be a leak (although we have never smelt gas inside the house) and are waiting to have someone come round and look saying new piping is needed also quoting £800 are these reports correct or are we being conned

October 2008
Chances are if it is fitted on a flex the bayonet has twisted and is half disconnected only giving a small amount of gas through the pipe.As the previous person said it shouldnt ideally be fitted on a flex if it is a hob but its the easy way out for some installers.Push on the bayonet and see if it pushes back in and twist it shut.If the gas supply is then normal then that is the problem.

Tony S
September 2008
Hi,first things first, you say it's a gas hob this should not be connected to a flexible hose, are you sure you are not talking about a free standing cooker one you can pull out and clean behind.
The problem sounds like the gas pressure is too low ,this could be due to pipe sizing or a blockage somewhere leading to your cooker. This needs to be checked by a CORGI reg person who will sort it by either by himself or he will get TRANSCO in to check your inlet pressure at the meter.
Please do not try to fix yourself unless you are qualified.
Hope this info helps you. Mic CORGI installer.

Mic H
September 2008


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