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how to repair my electric starter?

I have a Toro lawn mower, model 20070, with a Tecumseh engine.
It has an electric starter and a manual. Motor model
LV148EA/LV195EA. The mower is only a little over 2 years old. So naturally the warranty is up.
Problem: the electric start will not work, it just makes a grinding noise and smells a little bit. i don't turn the key for long periods of time. It starts fine using the manual start. It has only been used about 12 times and it should have lasted longer. i complained to the Toro people and they told me to take it to a dealer. I don't have a pick up so getting it to a dealer will be a small problem. I was wondering if you might have some idea how i could repair it or troubleshoot it or change out the whole starter system.

thanks jerry

jerry coughenour
August 2008
starter on my toro lawmower will not turn have traced power all the way to saftey switch witch plugs into starter tried bypassing but loose power when i connect power lead from battery to starter

May 2012
the gear is removed by sliding the gear towards the electic motor and you will see a wire clip on the end of the shaft you have to remove it and the gear will then come off

December 2009
If it's the same problem as mine, there's a tooth gear on the starter that turns the engine, and that gear may be broken (mine was plastic and snapped in half).

I was able to get a replacement gear, but I'm not sure how to disassemble the starter so I can put on the new gear. Better luck to you!

October 2008


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