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How can I disassemble my Electrolux Cyclone XL vacuum cleaner?

My Electrolux Cyclone XL bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner has stopped working. I have replaced the fuse, but stll no go. How do I remove the outer covers to access the cable and on/off switch, to check these out? I have removed all visible torqx head scews, but the covers will not come off.

David N
July 2008
Hi managed to get the front panel off of hoover, can't seem to remove the back, do you have any tips or advice please, thanks Deb

December 2013
Great!!! Thanks for the tip Susan.

December 2011
Susan - how long after the overheat until it works again? I cleaned the cone and everything, but after 20 minutes it still wont work?

Maybe I blew the fuse?

February 2010
it overheats when the plastic cone inside the dust holder gets blocked and can't suck up air to cool it down...a safety mechanism.

unblock the cone and problem solved!!

February 2010
I just managed to work it out!
The white cover hinged can be removed - push in the lugs where it hinges, and then you can wiggle the whole cover off.

The front blue moulding has 2 screws near handle and has lugs that hold it under the back piece but you can prise these lugs out with a screwdriver, thus you can remove this piece. This then reveals 2 screws for back blue moulding (as well as the 2 under the rear filter exhaust filter cover).
Once again the back of this blue piece has lugs that clip it into the grey bit at the back, but will prise off with a screw driver. This piece will then come off.
Bob's your uncle! the cable winder and motor assembly is now revealed.

May 2009
Most likely this is an 'over-heating' problem. Mine does the same and I see lots of comments like this on the web. I wouldn't dissassemble - try making sure the filters are perfectly clean. Probably worth buying a replacement for the one next to the dirt catcher. If it still fails to start, I'd push for a re-fund. I'm finding mine very frustrating.

February 2009


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