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how do i fix my technics cd player SL-PG570A?

how do i fix cd player that does not read the cd even when cd is inside the player and it shows " no disc' ?

the cd payer is technics and model number is SL-PG570A

s mehta
April 2008
I have the same problem with my sl-pg570a. I have cleaned the laser but still no good.... Any ideas please???

Stuart Cresswell
October 2012
The same problem occured with my SL-PG570A - I put the disc in but the display reads 'no disc'. I don't know what the problem is, but I was about to open up the case so I moved the unit and when I turned it back on it started working again! Maybe something got stuck? It's working now which is good cuz I love my Technics CD player.

July 2008
S, I had exactly the same problem on commercial CDs, and just fixed it. Went to Sony's site (useless), but then found a great and very detailed site on disc readers,
Bottom line, believe it or not, was that all I had to do was clean the laser lens!!! I used a drop of gin (probably not ideal, but I didn't have any isopropyl handy) on a cotton wool bud and carefully wiped the lens, and hey presto, it worked immediately on all CDs I've tried! Note that it didn't *look* dirty, but I figured I had nothing to lose. I wish all fixes were that easy!!

Nigel in Chicago
April 2008


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