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How do I remove the printhead from my Brother MFC-5440CN Printer?

I have a Brother MFC-5440CN all in one printer. The magenta color does not print and no amount of cleaning allows it to work. Upon checking the trouble shooting section it is suggested that I soak the printhead in warm water. How do I remove the printhead from my machine?

George Rogers
February 2008
I've not tried it personally, however if you follow the link
You can download the service manual, there are 5 parts to it, each has to be downloaded seperately.
Another cure I've read is that you get hold of a can of Air Duster, remove the ink cartridge then squirt a blast of air down the ink feed pipe, it's claimed that this will clean the printhead, but will use up ink!

Chris Buckle
April 2009
We have the same problem. How did you solve it? We don't know how to remove the print head.

Carole Poyourow
June 2008

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