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Mend Musical Instruments, Violins

How can I fix the violin myself ?

My violin has awfully lots of cracks and splits

May 2005
Anything can be fixed. And there are ways to limit how much the repair will change the sound of the violin. But like anything, it is a matter of skill and patience. If there are lots of cracks, then you have lots of work. There are books to instruct. There are luthier supply businesses to provide the tools and materials. If its your first repair, you should ask yourself how important it is to restore this violin. If it must be fixed, bring it to a recommended violin repair shop. If you are just curious about how to repair and dont mind the real possibility that it wont be fixed right, then read up, buy your tools and materials and have fun.

R Harold
November 2008
Possibly not the answer you want to hear but you can't. To qualify:-
If they are splits along the outer wood then you can, if they are within the body of the violin itself then i would suggest you dont do it. The wood used is especially shaped to provide the resonance and accoustics needed to make a good sound. Tinkering with the shape would be like throwing ballbearings in a car cylinder.
October 2006


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