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IE7 can't access certain web pages?

I can use IE 7 to view most websites but can't access hotmail or sites to purchase items. It says that I've lost my internet connection when I try - bit I can view other sites with no problem. I'm using XP on a Toshiba Laptop.
I've reset my internet settings and the security levels etc
Any ideas ?

Chris Andrewa
December 2007
This maybe just a ie7 setting but to confirm this try using another web browser. I highly recommend Firefox, I don't use IE7 or any other IE version for that matter as Firefox is; in my opinion, superior. Firefox is customisable and free with lots of plugins, themes and add-ons.

If Firefox does the same thing, then its likely a system setting that is causing the problem not an IE7 setting.

You can get Firefox from here:

It may also be an Internet Options setting where you have broadband but have the setting 'Dial when ever a network connection isn't present' this setting can be found in Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Connection Tab. Try changing the setting to 'Never dial a connection'

regards Lee

January 2008


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