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Mend Navigation, Satellite Navigation

looking for 'sat nav computer for nissan primera sve 2002 2.2 tdi'?

i cooldn't find somebody who can repair or solve of 'sat nav computer for nissan primera sve 2002 2.2 tdi' apart from nissan wich they suggest to change the whole unit but it's too too expencive.

December 2007
This problem is caused by a loose transistor in the DVD unit.
The problem is normally worse in the cold.
It is repairable

Look on Nissan Primera Owners Club in the UK
Start at the bottom of page 28

February 2009
Anyone dealing with the dvd nav equipment please address to vandeboor repair in the Netherlands. There are an authorized repair center for clarion (which is the Nissan equipment)
They fixed mine for a reasonable price.

joep Langenhoff
February 2009
Hi I am dealing with the same problem. If you can find another one for me I would be gratefull. I am looking all over the world but they are hard to find. Ill keep you informed if I will find an extra one. Meanwhile no audio or climate control.

Joep Langenhoff
April 2008
i hav a sat nav 2003 dci se, i got the maps button but nothinghappens, im assuming i hav no satnav, how can i get it? or how much wud it cost?

January 2008

I had a same problem with it . i have nissan primera 1.2 2002 model.
But now imy problem is gone.
What i did,
1st: disconnect the battery for 5 minutes. & then reattached it.
2nd: opened whole front of dvd, cd & satnav. including whole control panel.
3rd: ditchadded all the connection from the panel & also taken off all wires of dvd, satnav & cd.
4th: I have not taken or move the screen.
5th: after that I have reattched all the cables back & fixed the unit & I have decided that I will go to bye the whole new system.
6th: & finally, when i started my car, the whole system was working in good manner. I wasmuch surprised.

If you have a real proble, then it's worth triying this thing. I got my banifit.

If you ghave quary, please contact me at

chirag patel
January 2008


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