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nissan primera t-spec 2002, sat nav not working?

my sat nav,radio,air con, heating, cd & dvd player, rear view camera, and screen on dash ,does not work when switching on, this problem might last for some days, then switching on again all will work, when its working every thing is fine but its off more than its on

October 2008
hello all i have a nissan primera t-spec and have exactly the same problem with the cd player and the heating, i have had the car for over 12 months now brought it second hand and only the last couple of weeks this has started to happen to me works fine one day then off for a few days can anyone suggest what i can do please helen

March 2014
hi dave collis,any pics of the exact problem would ne very much appreciated

March 2013
hi i have the same fault with my sat nav,it loads but then just says disc error,dave collis,could you send me an email,showing the fault ,my number is 07957360959,would be very helpful if you could ,thankyou

March 2013
my camera on nissan primera 2002 T spec is not working

January 2011
my primera did the same its the dvd satnav unit
small board with glue on it new replacements from nissan are £2000 rip off ive located a second hand one 400pounds still expensive nissan know about this but refuse to own up?

September 2009
Hi we able to fix this fault simply. We are a specialist laptop repair company but have fixed several of these now for their owners - It is quite a fidly job and charge £100 plus postage of £10. If you would like to see some photos of the actual fault please email me
or give us a call 02476 374 874. Thanks

David Collis
May 2009
same problem with my car

does any one know of a mechanic who can fix this with reasonable charge?

May 2009
Hello, I've also had exactly the same fault. Seems to be power to the screen, but only the heat screen button works. Seems to be no "feed" to the dvd drive either. Surely this is more than just a fault this is a design flaw which Nissan are guilty of overlooking? Close to negligence to build a car to last 150k miles and a console that would last 50k miles!!! smurph106 at hotmail com if you have an answer please.

Nissan garage say 4k for a new console.

March 2009
The fault is on a small circuit board within the satnav unit, a loose transister is pulled away by the fixing glue in cold weather. To test this, heat the unit with a hairdryer while evrything is on the unit should fire briefly into life afetr 4-5 mins. A fix is explained on the Nissan Primera owners club forum

February 2009
has anyone being able to solve this problemwith the sat. The screen of my primera has gone blank for days. I cannot do anything in the car.The camera seems linked to the middle unit and i am struggling to see the back without the camera.

February 2009
Try here

February 2009
Hi Tony,
Have been reading comments on 'How To Mend It.'
Also my 52' sve flat screen display would intermittently fail to light up; though now it's permenantly blank, except when the lights are switched on, and then it glows, (can operate rear screen though!). Also the dvd fails to eject disc.....
Nissan agent over the phone thought it was the cpu and said a new one was 5000pounds, gulp; though they might be able to use a recon' at 2/3000pounds. shysters!
My local garage took the skuttle apart, checked for dry joints, hooked up their computer and was adament it was the Ecu, these can be sent to a company in Portsmouth, (could also use the BBA network!) who within three hours will check and replace the electronics for a set fee of 120pounds, using the existing unit reduces risk of inbuild coding conflicting with othe car electronics. Whose is ripping off who I ask?
However, taking the Primera to Nissan, they diagnosed the dvd as faulty, to affirm this they linked one up from one of their own, which proved the Ecu was AOk. Cost of a reconditioned replacement 700pounds!! Takes less than a hour to fit.
So, how much can you buy a new good dvd player for?
I'm currently mulling this over, trying to find where one can get a replacement dvd player, would you know?
For info, my local garage would charge 75pounds to fit either a Ecu or dvd unit.
Where have you got to with you car? and does the above seem similar? Whats the latest with getting Nissan to admit a manufacturing fault?
All the best, Ray

February 2009
every one with problems regarding there satnav etc don't sit back and spend your own money if nissan well know about it.there saving a fortune by people not getting in touch with them. let me know how you all get on as i also have a Nissan but up to now fault free.i have a 2.2 primera sve on email is luck

January 2009
if the same thing is happening to different people then its a Nissan fault.i would try and get as many people with the same problem to come forward and get in touch with Nissan.they have to fix it by law.Nissan know in advance of future problems but by the time the problem arises your car is out of brother once worked for vauxhall so i know this just with the t spec model or other models as well.

January 2009
bob and mike,
I have the exctly the same problem. it guess it's a common fault. if you guys find anything please let me know.i would appreciate that.( meanwhile ,i am thinking about take it to nissan dealer to have a look. if i have a answer, i willl let you guys know. cheers.

November 2008
Mike, I have exactly the same problem ! Just started last week. Did you manage to sort it out and if so how. Would really appreciated some feedback. Please e mail me at Regards Bob

Bob White
October 2008

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