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no pilot light no burner or clicking?

Came home to no centrol heating had hot water until used it no hot water either .pressure gone from system. On zero.followed start procedure can here water flowing pump going not shore where or if fan running. Took cover off 5 lights at bottom only 2 lit. Boiler on and fan on.any ideas please before I get a gas safe engineer..many thanks. It's a Baxi solo 3 pfl 30 /80. Been working fine came home other and nothing.had someone re-pressurise system bleed rads turned heating on thermostat max .still nothing.

March 2016

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

"Pressure gone from system."

Something must be happening to the system to make it lose pressure. One would suggest a leak but where? You will need ot go hunting.

A radiator? A radiator valve? One of the joints in the pipework? The pressure relief valve on the boiler (that will be the pipe venting outside)? The boiler itself (Boiler, heat exchanger, pump, diverter valve, etc.)

Good Luck
March 2016

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Hi, I have a Baxi Solo 3 50 PF boiler. At the moment it is only working for hot water (which it doesn't seem to have a problem). When I switch the heating to 'on' nothing happens. It doesn't try to start up - just remaining idle with all of the lights off (Boiler, Fan, Pilot and Burner). ...

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My boiler Baxi Solo 3 PFL 40 as stopped working, all the lights light up when turned on i.e. Boiler : Light on Fan : Light on Pilot : Light on Burner : Light on The pump is working but the Main burner doesn't seem to be firing up. Please help me. Thank you...

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how do i reset the pressure on a baxi solo 3 pfl 30/80 boiler?

how do I reset the pressure on a baxi solo pfl 30/80 boiler...

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Baxi solo 3 pfl?

After boiler has shut down pump runs on as normal but doesnt shut down after normal period. runs constantly...

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Hi, my Baxi 3solo pfl 30/80 started making a constant humming/buzzing sound when idle (like a noisy old fridge) from the PCD area. If I flicked the switch for heat or water the boiler fired and the noise stopped until put back to idle and it would start again. It is definitely in the PCD area as I r...

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How can I fix boiler?

I have a baxi solo 3 PLF 60 when it fires it cuts out after 1 minute, leaving "boiler on" light on and then may not fire again for at least half hour, getting no heat to rads and no hot water, control knob set at "4", can anyone help with the problem...

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Baxi Solo 3 PFL 50 gas boiler - Pilot light keeps turning off?

This just started tonight — Baxi Solo 3 PFL 50 gas boiler was running fine but then we noticed the radiators getting cold. Looking at the boiler all the lights were on bar the burner light and the blue pilot flame was out. The fans were running as well! Then after about 15 minutes the blue flame c...

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baxi solo 3 gets hot then turns off /not back on.?

baxi solo 3 gets hot then turns off[as normal] but is not coming back on for about5 min .why. i just cleaned out the pump which was full of thick sludge....

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Can't believe the method worked, but it really did! Thank you.

Dec 2019

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