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Mend D.I.Y, Toilets

Is my upward sloping flush pipe giving my loo a weak flush?

The flush pipe from the bottom of my concealed cistern starts too low so enters the wall mounted loo at 5º be... [Read more]
Mend Kitchen Appliances, Waste Disposal Units

Sanifl Flush Not working?

I have a full Saniflo system with Shower, Sink and Toilet, The shower and sink work as usual, the toilet howev... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Toilets

Have I been charged way to much for having a loo mended?

I've just paid £175 to have a Grohe siphon replaced in a concealed cistern (incl £36 for the part) is this w... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Home Heating Systems

C & M boiler extra problem!?

Whwn the loo is flushed or a cold tap run hard the boiler starts humming and when the cold tap is turned off i... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Toilets

Thetford C2 Flush Querie?

Our 1999 Swift has a Thetford C2 loo (I assume it's the C2) which only flushes when the Blade is closed. Our o... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Plumbing

ideal standard loo flushing wont stop ?

After flushing the loo, it will not stop refilling even after it is full, then it just runs into the lavatory ... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Plumbing

how can i stop my cistern making loud groaning noise when flushed?

When we flush the loo it makes a loud noise when filling-up. What is causing this and how can it be fixed. Th... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Toilets

any clues on how to fix a turboflush t11?

turboflush t11 (12yrs old) motor ran on, hubby reflushed loo, big leak, motor now doesnt work, and big leaks f... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Plumbing

How do I stop the cistern dripping in to the bowl?

I have a Vernon Tutbury loo. It has a dual flush. The cistern keeps dripping in to the bowl. It does not hav... [Read more]
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