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volvo fl6 180/220 engine?

can anyone tell me how many miles to the gallon this lorry does it is a horsebox thanks
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volvo ABS light?

n reg V 70 Volvo. brakes and ABS system all work fine but ABS light still remains on. garage put it on comp... [Read more]
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Volvo S40 2004 Number Plate Lens Cover?

How do you remove the lens cover on one of the number plate bulbs for Volvo S40 2004, without breaking it. One... [Read more]
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volvo s40 55 plate passenger side doors wont open?

both doors wont open with fob or when in the car. tried pulling the handle still wont open
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Sat Nave problems?

Volvo S80 D5 Auto 53 Model Sat Nav displaying unable to read message on screen I have tried removing disc and... [Read more]
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car radio code?

any one know or know of a site for free where i can get radio code for my volvo s40 sport radio the serial num... [Read more]
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disc brake change Volvo s40TD?

How do you change the front disc's on a 2001/2 Volvo S40 TD. THanks for any help
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alarm fault on volvo v70 1998,alarm just not working.?

i have a 1998 volvo v70 2.5 t auto,the alarm just doesn't work at all,even the red led on the dash doesn't fla... [Read more]
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Volvo XC90 sat nav disc won't eject?

The sat nav disc can't be read but won't eject does anyone have any idea how to get it out. Help!
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how can i fix a sea belt pretensioner in a 2001 volvo v70?

srs light is on the dash had a code reading done I got codes 007a and 0084 which I found out were rear middle ... [Read more]

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