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There’s no heat coming off the heater on synthetics on my Hoover HNC180?

Hi all my Hoover dryer heats up on full heat but when I put it on low heat there’s no heat coming off the he... [Read more]
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Why my fridge is also freezing food ?

Proline Freedge freezer- PLC 55 FFS The fridge freezer only works at the highest settings the freezer is f... [Read more]
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How to reset Kd12mm1?

Hi I have a kelvinator kd12mm1 dishwasher. The normal and eco light were blinking. I have change the thermost... [Read more]
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see below?

The thermostat on my fire is faulty. Where can I get it repaired
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Valliant Eco Tech 615 boiler ?

since swapping a rad and bleeding boiler wont start in morning showing an F.15 code.( PCB board was replaced i... [Read more]
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Issues turning oven heat to lower than gas mark 7?

Diplomat gas oven Model 050502078 Unable to reduce heat to lower than gas mark 7, turns off when turning th... [Read more]
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reseting boss thermostat?

boss ther m
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My myson thermostat not turning on?

I changed the batteries in my myson thermostat, I reset the date and time and reprogrammed the on/off times ho... [Read more]
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Vokera thermostat has no display?

I have a vokera RF programmable room thermostat and there is no display on the screen? I have changed the batt... [Read more]
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What is wrong with my Valor Dream electric fire/convector?

My Valor Dream covector cuts out when heating up on higher setting ( setting 2). The lights of the fire stay ... [Read more]

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