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How to insert radio code?

I have a Clarion Radio/DVD player that came with my Suzuki Ignus. I have the code but don't know how to put it... [Read more]
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Suzuki Splash, nearside wing mirror, faulty?

My Suzuki Splash, wing mirrors have the ability to tilt and veer left and right, so that the driver has a pref... [Read more]
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Car radio says safe6 and does not work?

How can I get my Suzuki ignis 2005 car radio working had to change the battery and display shows safe 6 it is... [Read more]
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My Alto Suzuki Fual gauge isn't working?

My Alto Suzuki Fual gauge isn't working? which fuse is it? How do i get replacements Fuses that is?
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how to remove a damaged sump plug?

how to remove a damaged sump plug on suzuki swift 1.3 1997
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How do I get to the tailgate lock on my 04 Suzuki Carry 1.3 van ?

The tailgate lock has siezed up, also the tailgate handle has done likewise, how do I access the said items fr... [Read more]
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cylinder head torque setting ?

hi I need to know what torque setting I need as im changing my head gasket. its a Suzuki ts125r 1991 model. th... [Read more]
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My suzuki gs500 want crank up?

I was ridin my suzuki GS500, bout 45min later it cut off while driving. Cranked rite back up, then started bac... [Read more]
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My suzuki m120x not idlening?

My mower doesnt want to idle . It just pics up revs then dies off then picks up revs again . Doesnt idle const... [Read more]
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How can I fix the heater in my car?

I have a 2007 suzuki swift and the heater does not have hot air. It remains cold and takes a very long time b... [Read more]

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