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Does anyone have a repair manual for a Moffat Electric Stove, Model 306?

My Moffat Electric Stove, Model 306 54, Serial 521816, has two problems, besides being very old (and a work o... [Read more]
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Range master cooker?

My ranger master 90 is gas stove top.The right hand side is double burner .large bottom burner works but small... [Read more]
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How can I fix Dimplex Chevalier Stove Heater?

Dimplex Chevalier Electric Stove. Working on 1kw setting but not on 2kw setting. Model CHV20N
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how do I fix?

I have a small Dimplex free standing electric stove, now with the thermostat turned all the way up I flip the ... [Read more]
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How to fix Simpson Neptune Stove?

The fuse for the plug points blew and I replaced the fuse wire but plug points still not working.
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How can I fix my electric stove?

My two burner electric stove keeps going off and on and the cooking takes almost an hour.It is not heating up ... [Read more]
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where can i get a hotplate for my rangemaster 55?

Can anyone tell me where I can get a hotplate for my leisure rangemaster 55 gas stove. The one I have has be... [Read more]
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how can I remove the self cleaning oven door from an older moffat stove?

how to fix a self cleaning moffat older stove door
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lofra oven door will not close?

my oven door will not shut its a lofra 5 ring stove
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Complex optimyst Oakhurst problem?

My optimyst Oakhurst stove just cut out, and now will only stay on for a minute or so before cutting out again... [Read more]

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