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Salvy 1.2 manual. can start up . plug no output?

Renault 1.2 cc manual.( proton salvy 2006 ) can be start up despite repace speed sensor / fuse box and newq EC... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

Back dash lights not working after a new speed sensor was fitted?

I had a new speed sensor fitted on my ford focus 02 plate & the speedometer etc is working fine but for some r... [Read more]
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Defeating the speed sensor?

The previous answer about removing the magnet was meant to be a question.
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L5 error on free spirit sears treadmill?

I get a L5 error on my treadmill after turning it on. The speed and time is displayed however. I've tried fidd... [Read more]
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My speed sensor is bad tx455 also but it has more than two wires?

See above how can I put a alarm contact into replace speed sensor there are more than two wires also it looks ... [Read more]
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2003 1.9 sdi intermittant revs sticking?

Hi, I have a 2003 vw caddy with a 1.9 sdi. The car started to intermittently go to a 1200rpm tick over on star... [Read more]
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206-1.6 automaic high speed fan problem?

I have 206 automatic gearbox which has high speed fan problem.As you know in this car normal temperature is 90... [Read more]
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wobbly drum?

My LG1812CW washer drum wobbles on low speed and shakes violently on high speed. I can also hear a squeaking s... [Read more]
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Proform 400 gi treadmill starts at full speed, then shuts completely off?

When safety key in, the incline works, console lights up like normal but when I press start, speed bolts str... [Read more]
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What is the solution to my problem?

Hi i have a 2004 opel corsa bakkie and the management light comes on and goes off whilst driving and goes off ... [Read more]

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