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Car Bluetooth selection?

I have ford focus zetec, please how do I select car Bluetooth on my 6000CD stereo?
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2010 ford focus front crash sensor location?

Hi does anyone know where the front crash sensor is on a 2010 ford focus facelift thankyou
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How can i mend my in car radio cassette volume control?

I have a 4000 RDS radio cassette in my 2001 Ford Focus. The volume control is not functioning properly. I thin... [Read more]
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Ford focus 6000cd radio fault?

my ford 6000cd works with ignition off but does not work when ignition is switched on. how to fix.
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Ford Focus engine stopped working?

My Ford Focus engine stopped working and now there is oil everywhere!!!!
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2004 Ford Focus ZX5 2.3l?

I have a 2004 Ford Focus ZX5 2.3 L. 51,000 I have an intermittent issue with a P0171 code. Start up sta... [Read more]
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Ford focus 2010?

my ford focus 2010 the audio music player dont work
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Ford focus wont turn on?

My ford focus wont turn on. What can i do? I have tried to jump start it but it wont turn on. Please help.
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Ford Focus style?

I have a 2009 style, I have tried everything to find Bluetooth in the adv setting and it’s not there the gre... [Read more]
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Ford focus misfire and jerking under acceleartion?

ford focus 1.6 zetec intermitent misfire jerking on acceleration
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Help with Ford Focus 6000CD radio player?

Evening all!! So I have a Ford focus estate (w reg) which is sadly heading for I'm kitting out m... [Read more]
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window stuck down?

Hi, ford focus cc3 MK2 petrol 09 Drivers window will go down and up in small segments but if full down will ... [Read more]
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Ford focus conv. Roof down?

Roof will not come up
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Ford Focus 2012 titanium ?

Ford Focus 2012 rear window switch turns the battery light on
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Free unlock codes for Ford radios?

All other ford radio code websites charge anything from £5 to £10 to generate an unlock code for Ford radios... [Read more]
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how do i replace windscreen washer on my ford focus 2013 model?

how do I replace windscreen washer on my 2013 ford focus estate

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