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ROVER 45 Oil in Expansion tank WHY?

No oil showing on dip stick but expansion tank of radiator full of engine oil. big problem or what ?? whats h... [Read more]
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where is fuse box on rover 45?

i want to change rear stoplights fuse on fover 45
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How do I get the srs light to go out on my Rover 45 (03)?

Came on for no reason, and stayed on. Do I need to disconnect airbags before touching any wiring?
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heater just stopped working?

my heater on my rover 45 has stoped working checked fuse but ok what can it be?
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how to change alternater belt on rover 45 1400?

how to change alternater belt on rover 45 1400cc
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rover45 wont restart after running out of petrol?

rover 45 i ran out of petrol now ive filled up my car wont start again
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My Rover 45 heater works flat out or not at all?

My 2001 Rover 45 heater blower works on position 4 (full speed) but does nothing on position 1,2,and [Read more]
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how do i stop lights flashing on dash when engine is running?

have rover 45 1.4 engine runs fine. battery light, hand brake light and odometer back light all are flashing o... [Read more]
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faulty blower?

car rover 45 y reg . When I turn blower from 2 to 3 there is a loud wh... [Read more]
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need a code ?

help need a code for Rover 45 CD32 blaupunk serial no XQE000380PUY BP2162 2 1015385 FD472 Index 001
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Overide immobiliser?

Re Rover 45. Bleeping noise after key inserted but car does not start. is there a method of overiding the co... [Read more]
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how do you remove drive shaft from cv joint on rover 45?

hi am trying to replace n/s cv boot on my rover45 but cant seem to disconect shaft from cv joint ,have remove... [Read more]
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my alarm ?

when i lock my car the alarm is fine when i unlock it .it goes of for a while untill the alarm on my key catch... [Read more]
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rover 45 heater?

my rover 45 heater only worked on 3 and 4 speed for a while but now it only works intermitently as and when it... [Read more]
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replacing heater moter?

any tips on replacing heater motor in a rover 45 (y)reg 1800cc
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HELP - Rover 45 Radio security/unlock?

My battery died and i am not able to access the radio. The number is BP026318426261
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rover 45 1.6 li?

hi there i have rover 45 1.6il and cylider head bolts or 20NM, Torque Wrench is Foot & Pounds from 10 to 15... [Read more]
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how can i fix clutch fault on rover 45?

i have a rover 45 1.4 year 2000 model. the clutch has been 'juddering' for several weeks now and then suddenly... [Read more]
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the heating fan in my rover 45 not working?

when i turn heating fan on it does not work, you then smell burning and see smoke coming from engine. any idea... [Read more]
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rover 45 heater fault?

how can i trace where the faultis in the heater i have changed the heater fan but still getting no power on an... [Read more]

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