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How to solve my clutch on my 2013Nissan Almera 1.5?

Good Day Please advise my Nissan almera 2013 1.5 Accenta. I had recently replaced my Master Cylinder as the... [Read more]
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Passenger airbag module 2005 nissan almera?

Hi, where is the passenger (left side) airbag module located in a 2005 Nissan Almera automatic hatchback? Tha... [Read more]
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Heater fan intermittent, now stopped.?

Nissan Almera 2005, with A/C but never worked. It has been idle for several months but starts easily. Had t... [Read more]
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2006 Nissan Almera 1.6 just crank with no power to the fuel pump?

My Nissan Almera is just cranking not starting and it also don't have power to the fuel pump and the mobilizat... [Read more]
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Nissan Almera car heating system fan not working?

heating system fan of my Nissan Almera car not working
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What's going on with the clutch on my Nissan Almera 2001 hatchback?

Far too slack. Can they be tightened or do they need changing?? Help please
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Nissan almera heater blower wont work?

All the dash board lights up as the heater is working but I am not getting any heat or fan noise
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How can I fix central locking remote not working on my 2004 Almera?

How can I fix the remote central locking on my 2004 Nissan Almera
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nissan almera?

where do i find fuel fillter on nissan almera
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I need radio code for Clarion (Nissan Almera N16)?

Can you help me please? I donĀ“t know my code for Clarion original radio from Nissan Almera N16. Model: PN-... [Read more]

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