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How can i mend my Aiwa HV-FX7700K?

My aiwa hv-fx7700k vcr has a flashing padlock symbol on it and i dont have the remote. it wont do anything ex... [Read more]
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How to mend my technics dvd/cd player?

Hi my technics dv290 cd / dvd player doesn’t eject and the display is saying change disc 1 and is constantl... [Read more]
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Sanyo VM-D1P eject problem?

Sanyo VM-D1P video8 camcorder problems. My Sanyo VM-D1P camcorder won't open the cassette door (no tape is ins... [Read more]
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Fix bose disc?

bose lifestyle music system model 20 The disc magazine will not eject and runs continuously.
Mend Video, DVD Players

My Daewoo DVD/VCR wont open?

I have put a DVD in my Daewoo DVD/VCR model DFL7IDIPUA but now the unit wont respond to front panel switches o... [Read more]
Mend Audio, Cassette Players

How do i rectify?

Aiwa ad-f450 changed belts cassette in close door plays ok But i can not eject the tape unless a turn the mac... [Read more]
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How can get the CD out or get the door open?

Emerson MP3 Player, stoppee while playing, cannot open door to eject the CD
Mend Cameras, Video Cameras

How can i make trv 320e lights on the playback work?

i have a Sony trv 320e the lights on the tape cover that does the play back went out and the eject button does... [Read more]
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Footrest not rising on Sherborne rise/ recliner?

Hi. The footrest no longer rises on my Mum's Sherborne Keswick dual motor riser/ recliner. The back still goe... [Read more]
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AWRcc2 bose wave?

To my excitement I found a Bose wave with 3cd changer at an estate sale. Set it up at home, a cd ejected as so... [Read more]
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Fix Bose CD player?

I have an Acoustic Wave system with a five CD player. The CD player will not play the CDs and they also get s... [Read more]
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Pansonic EZ49V?

What It Is I Had A Pansonic VCR & Combo For A Few Years & I Had A Look At It But My DVD Disk Tray Won't Open &... [Read more]
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Video camcorder has cassette eject problem?

sony handicamera trv68 model video camera, i would rate as excellent for nature. wild life ie: i take video vs... [Read more]
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How to fix Bose Wave Radio 4 cd player?

Bose wave radio main unit with cd player view window is blank. Remote with new battery dosen't turn it on. Tri... [Read more]
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How can I use my Aiwa, model np. HV-GX900K with no pin?

I have a Aiwa video cassette recorder, model no. HV-GX900K, linked to an independent screen. It is a long time... [Read more]

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