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How to remove engine checklight?

2004 Honda Civic  Regular transmission  ES5  Singapore Car PROBLEM: The engin... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

1972 vw beetle with suzuki gsxr engine fitted ?

hi,engine overheating .water level ok, cannot see any leaks hoses seem ok.I cannot work out how the electric f... [Read more]
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My front window wash does not work but the back one does?

On my Corsa 2008 model my back window wash is currently working but the front window wash does not. You can h... [Read more]
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Renault scenic air con fault.....compressor?

how can you tell if the compressor is u/s? my air con isn't blowing cold air, the dash board light works when ... [Read more]
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I have a problem with my 205 TD rear brakes?

The brakes are uneven and this is on a rolling road. the one side is more efficient by as much as 58%!! But th... [Read more]
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my 206 back brakes have failed,the handbrake has also lost its reserve?

my 206 back brakes have failed and so to has the handbrake, the brake fluid is fine, and no leaks appear in my... [Read more]
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Whirring or whistling from engine - Ford Mondeo Ghia (97)?

Also I have three problems with my Ford Mondo Ghia (97) 1. There is a clicking noise coming from behine the ... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

Hi, my front screen washer jets will not work? Nissan Primera?

My front windscreen washers will not work the wipers wipe but no jet, i have filled the screen wash up but sti... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

'97 Ford Fiesta - brakes failed, then started to work!?

1997 Fiesta 1.25l 16v LX. After driving for about 15 minutes i slowed down and pulled into a car park and ... [Read more]

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