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volume control?

No response when volume control turned on radio/cd hitachi compact system
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hitachi cd/radio/casstette cx65?

how do u reset the 3d sound the light is on and there is no volume control just a funny noise tried pressing b... [Read more]
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How can I fix my Hitachi KH-35D DAB radio. Series 4 25 001297?

Radioshows blue back light, no sound. Couple of times making/breaking contact of the power supply cable or ... [Read more]
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Hitachi TV won't turn on?

Flashing light from red to green... won't respond to the remote which has new batteries. Tries to power up but... [Read more]
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Not picking up signal ?

My hitachi sight radio is not picking up signal and when it does it only holds for a few seconds. The Ariel ha... [Read more]
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how can i unlock my HD hitachi television ?

My hitachi television needs password to unlock
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Where Can i get a Schematic diagram for Hitachi HA01262 MPF7409L Power?

Where Can i get a Schematic diagram for Hitachi HA01262 MPF7409L Power Board for model 42DHT50 TV. Service ma... [Read more]
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how can i fix this?

my hitachi mcb30 microwave has stopped heating can you tell me what can cause this every thing else is workin... [Read more]
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Hitachi model SF-90HJ code error Fd?

Hi, my Hitachi top loader machine model number SF-90HJ have code error FD how can I solve this error.
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How can I fix my hitachi CD player AX-M131U?

Just won't play CD'S anymore, tries, spins the CD but doesn't seem to read the disc. Tried several known discs... [Read more]

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