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fiat punto window problem?

I have just purchased a 2005 fiat punto sport and the drivers window travels down ok however when traveling up... [Read more]
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How can I fix my Heat Gauge Display?

Hi there, I have a Fiat Grande Punto 2006 1.2. The problem is that at times ( mostly when cold out and on a do... [Read more]
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codigo blaupuntk fiat punto?

Buenas tardes quisiera que me ayudasen, tengo un fiat punto y no tengo los manuales de la radio necesitaria si... [Read more]
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sump leaking oil?

how big a job is it to remove the sump on my fiat punto,many thanks
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i have a fiat punto reg 1.2 8V reg12001 ?

when I start the engine the yellow warning light comes on the dashboard I have taken it to my local garage to ... [Read more]
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Fiat Punto 1.7TDS, 97 model Electrically Dead?

Driving along fine and the car just died, no lights no nothing. After 10 minutes everything back to normal, st... [Read more]
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fiat punto seat tilt switch?

my fiat punto tilt switch has come off seat in full working order cant refit the plastic switch help pecking h... [Read more]
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radio cassette code for a 2001 fiat punto?

ive bought a fiat punto 1.2 y reg just had some repairs done and they disconnected the battery and i dont have... [Read more]
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How can I fix my Fiat Punto 2006 cam belt?

What must I do to replace my Punto cam belt
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how can i fix a not fitting oil filter?

how to fit a universal oil filter to my fiat punto nouva 01 1.2 16v ELX??? im try to installl a oil cooler...b... [Read more]

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