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Fiat punto 2006?

Fiat punto 2006 my immobiliser light is staying on so we can not start it we have replaced the car battery a... [Read more]
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2007 renault clio clutch replacement?

hi i have just done a clutch replacement on my sisters 2008 fiat grande punto and due to people continously c... [Read more]
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Fiat punto?

Fiat punto 2007 rear wheel bearing fell out when trying to change brakes its the bearing that’s fixed in the... [Read more]
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How can i fix my dipswitch and dipped beam on a fiat punto evo 2011?

the dipswitch does not turn on immediately and the dipped beam turns on when the side lights are switched on. ... [Read more]
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Punto old fiat R reg. ?

My hubby took battery off car and charged it it over night, the car started wen battery was put bk in then he ... [Read more]
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pictures of fiat punto 03 fuse/relay box diagrams?

Can you get me a pictures of fiat punto 03 fuse/relay box diagrams
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fiat punto?

How can I fix the Orange key code as it it stays on and the car cannot start
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How to open fiat punto boot from inside?

My key fob doesn't work now also switch on dashboard not working . How can I open boot from inside of car . Fi... [Read more]
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Fiat Punto Active 1.2, 8 valve, 2000 reg. Airlocking?

this is a car I've just bought. It was missing and stalling and the heater wasn't working. A mechanic has bled... [Read more]
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Radio cassette cod?

I need number cod for radio cassette in my car Fiat Punto. Blaunpunkt BP937227240766 7 ... [Read more]
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Fiat grande 1.9 punto wont start. No glow plug symbol showing on dash ?

My fiat won't start. I went through a puddle and now a lock and car light is showing in amber on my dash. Th... [Read more]
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Misfire(Fiat Punto)?

My 2004 Fiat Punto has a slight misfire in 2nd and 3rd gear,could this be the Spark plugs or leads thanks
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how much to fix my 51 reg fiat punto running on 3 cylinders?

my 51 fiat punto is running on 3 cylinders how much to get it fixed
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How can I fix my fiat punto 2003 1.2?

Heater blower and reversing light not working - fuse blown. Replaced fuse and resister fuse, fuse blown again
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Fiat Blaukpunt Radio Code?

Hi, I need a code for Fiat Punto Low Blaukpunt Radio BP 9372 Y 3614928 7649 372 316
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Replace winder mechanism on punto grande rear right foot. ?

My rear window winder mechanism as broken on my Fiat Grande Punto. It is the rear RHS. Are they any special to... [Read more]
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cassette player playing up?

my cassette player in my fiat punto keeps on saying check,why is this and how do i stop this from happening,co... [Read more]

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