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Citroen relay 2800?

my 2006 citroen relay 2800 rev counter started to run slower than it should then it started to cut out engine ... [Read more]
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How can I get my lawnmower to start after it just cut out?

I have a Hayter Heritage 13/30 sit on mower. It was working fine. I turned it off to dislodge some debris fr... [Read more]
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nissan micra 1995?

My Nissan micra 1995 has always run ideally, but yesterday while driving it can to a stop, the engine cut out ... [Read more]
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How can I fix Mountfield Laser Omega 46 Lawnmower?

How do I remove a damaged Blade Boss from a mountfield laser Omega 46 cm push mower. Do I need a special tool,... [Read more]
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How can I fix my magimix?

I recently discovered aquafaba and my cake mix turned to bread dough and my engine cut out. Can i get my machi... [Read more]
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Fiat Ulyssee Prestigio 2004 - Power cut out while driving out no power?

Engine cut out while driving as if there was no diesel, then electrics cut out so couldn't close the windows. ... [Read more]
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Renault Scenic 1 1.8 petrol Stop light on ?

Just towed my son home, His alternater belt shredded and some of it wrapped around alternater and obviously pu... [Read more]
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Vauxhall Zafira cut out and speedo clicking?

driving my car earlier, I slowed down to a standstill in traffic, all of the dials on the dash flickered then ... [Read more]
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How to fix it?

My Allen 218Si engine is 'hunting' and therefore the mower rises and falls with engine revs meaning it does no... [Read more]
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renault laguna 2003 dci wont start. how to fix it ?

hi I have a 2003 Renault laguna 2. 1.9 dci the car cut out and will not start again. it was running fine until... [Read more]
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Iddling problem?

My car is using a 5k engine the engine runs only when i press the accelerator. Even when moving the moment you... [Read more]
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Renult megane scenic won't start?

Hi, can any of u guys help me out please? My megane scenic 2006 reg will not start. This started happening whe... [Read more]
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Any idea what is wrong with my fiesta?

I have a 1.25 fiesta that I am having trouble starting. It fires up but unless i rev it it will cut out. Onc... [Read more]
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My nissan primstar van keep cutting out,?

Engine keeps cutting out engine stop light comes on,turn off and back on again and it starts but sometimes jus... [Read more]
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Intermittent start?

Vauxhall combo van 03 reg. Last year while driving noticed speedometer fuel indicator and rev counter would al... [Read more]
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Injection fault?

Came back from holiday after week my Renault megane 1ยท9 dci started up drove 200metres then injection fault c... [Read more]
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Engine stalls?

I have a husqvarna yth150. took it out to cut the grass and within 10 minutes it stalled. not it only runs ... [Read more]
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why does my petrol strimmer mcallister mgtp254 model ?

Why,does the machine cut out when taking choke off? Any help please it is a 2 stroke engine,only bought last y... [Read more]
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depollution system fault?

my car peugeot 207,afther replace 2unitssolenoid valve,1unit up stream oxygen probe,1unit downstream oxygen pr... [Read more]

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