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How can I get my lawnmower to start after it just cut out?

I have a Hayter Heritage 13/30 sit on mower. It was working fine. I turned it off to dislodge some debris from the front wheel and it would not restart -totally dead. The engine is not turning at all. I suspect it's something electrical or a cut out switch I'm not aware of but can't see anything wrong.

March 2020
If the debris was by the brake/clutch pedal I suspect it could be the associated switch. Check for a loose or damaged cable. The switch and cable need to form a Complete circuit for the starter switch to operate. ie you need to depress the pedal and close the switch to start the engine.

June 2020
I'll base my answer on the assumption that when you say totally dead, you mean that when you turn the key, you can hear nothing at all, no clicking noises and starter motor not even trying to turn, even though it started easily prior to you switching it off and the battery is obviously not flat.
I would suggest that you first check the battery terminals are nice and tight and not corroded. Then check the wiring from the battery is not damaged and the negative wire is properly connected to the earth point on the bodywork. Then check all the fuses are ok. Next to check would be the wiring to the ignition switch, you could try shorting out the postive wires the run to and from switch to see if it kicks the starter motor into action and if it does this would suggest a faulty switch.
You would then turn your attention to the starter motor solenoid and check this.
If, however, when you turn the ignition key, you do hear a clicking noise, ignore most of above and concentrate on starter motor solenoid, as this will be the problem.

March 2020

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