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Please help?

I've started stripping my Citroen Saxo 1.1 2002 model out its going to be a race car and i took the dashboard ... [Read more]
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I've got a Citroen Saxo and the passenger side door does not open ?

I've took the door panal off to get to the lock but as there door is still locked can not get to it any sugges... [Read more]
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which is the fuse for washer water pump and where is it?

which fuse is washer water pump and where on a citroen saxo 53 reg
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Is the starter motor on a 1999 Citroen Saxo ruined?

Hello, My girlfriend brought a 1999 Saxo South Coast, she drove it for about 6 miles and filled up at a pet... [Read more]
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my citroen saxo forte ?

the red heater light and the radiator fan are coming on all the time can you help
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citroen saxo vtr, handbrake cables are uneven tensions?

Trying to adjust my handbrake with the adjuster nut underneath, but is impossible as cables are seriously une... [Read more]
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cooling system?

have taken thermostate out. still coolent still coming through rad cap. even after bleeding. citroen saxo fort... [Read more]
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coolant ?

coolant gushing through rad cap even after bleeding. it a citroen saxo forte 1.1cc 3door.
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none of my clocks aint workin on citroen saxo y reg?

need 2 find out how 2 fix cable o waeva iti s 2do wiv clocks speedometer an fuel gauge an rev countr notworki... [Read more]
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w reg citroen saxo furio?

firing on 3
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Indicators on Citroen Saxo?

Why are my hazards lights working on my Citroen Saxo but not my indicators?
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How can i sort my citroen saxo i put the key in to start it and the imoblisor is flashing on the dash how can ... [Read more]
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citroen saxo?

the heater is only blowing cold after the temp light flashed on, what could be the cause....?
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does anyone know how to sort immobiliser on citroen saxo vtr changed ignita?

need help on my 51 plate saxo vtr have changed ignition barrel and know my immobiliser has come on and wont le... [Read more]
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Citroen Saxo 2002 Speedo, rev counter, mileometer not working ?

Any advice would be most welcome please! After replacing brake shoes on rear wheels of saxo, speedo etc not no... [Read more]
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Citroen Saxo ?

Can I use a cable tie to secure gaiter on constant velocity joint on my Saxo, and will it hold gaiter in place... [Read more]
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how can bipass my immobeliser for citroen saxo 1.0 litre first?

my citroen saxo got immobeliser on it but dont think its factory fitted, the pad ant working because my car ai... [Read more]
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citroen saxo radio code needed grundig GR0971W6787124, many thanks ford m codes available

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