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Mend Computers, Notebooks/Laptop PCs

windows xp no sound?

after reinstalling windows xp home edition on a asus netbook. i found i needed to install all the drivers agai... [Read more]
Mend Household Appliances, Vacuum Cleaners

G6 Kirby vac, self-propelled. How to re-install the neutral/drive lever?

The neutral/driver lever has fallen off. I can hear a loose "nut" inside the vac. How can it be repaired?
Mend Computers, Desktop PCs

Not able to find display drivers amd athlon 64..??

it has ms-7191 motherboard from manufacturer msi....and i am unable to find his drivers....i have also checked... [Read more]
Mend Cameras, Webcams

My webcam is NexXtech model2516515 ?

I need a driver to install it on my PC acer with windows XP It has VCA PC Cam
Mend Computers, Notebooks/Laptop PCs

Loss of WLAN following crash Compaq Pressario A900?

My laptop crashed and I was unable to re-boot. A friend of my son said they could help but when they returned... [Read more]
Mend Computers, Notebooks/Laptop PCs


I have a VGN NR32M. Since installing windows 7 I have lost the scroll facility on my touch pad. Where do I fin... [Read more]
Mend Computers, Desktop PCs

cannot install updates any more, and it says I need to install a driver?

PC keeps saying I need to install a driver, also that new hardware has been added and I didnt add any, and can... [Read more]
Mend Cameras, Webcams

technika webcam driver?

can anyone hlp me with a driver for my webcam, ive lost the install disc
Mend Computers, Notebooks/Laptop PCs

how to install windows without disc drive?

i ve got hp pavillion laptop and for some time my dvd drive wasnt working properly - it was on off iand i don... [Read more]
Mend Audio, Audio Systems

audio problem?

my MX46U2CN motherboard audio driver install but not work

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