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How do I change date on Chinon VC1800a camcorder ?

I have a Chinon VC1800a camcorder and not sure how to use some of the functions like changing date and using ... [Read more]
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as below?

how do I tune the analog channels n my p1471 I don't have the instruction man: and want to tune it to outpu... [Read more]
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cant seem to get my camcorder to record on to my dvd recorder?

I have a camcorder & would like to record on to a dvd disc by using my Panasonic DMR-ES15 DVD RECORDER, But ca... [Read more]
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How do you manually open a cassette camcorder door?

Can you manually open the sony DCR TRV 320 cam corder cassette door? when the eject button becomes non functio... [Read more]
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the power wont come on ?

the power will not come on on my hitachi dz-hs300e camcorder
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jvc gr0dx37ek mini dv recorder?

I have been trying to watch a recorded tape on my Camcorder but each time I put the tape in, it will not close... [Read more]
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my video 8 tapes 9 yrs old only play fuzz?

Please help. After digging out some old tapes and camcorder i have 1 hi8 tape that plays perfect and 4 video 8... [Read more]
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cassette won't eject?

Cassette of Canon ZR25 camcorder fails to eject.
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Eject button will not work. Sony CCD-TR82?

I want to insert a tape into my Sony camcorder but the eject button will not respond. I am using the AC power ... [Read more]
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Panasonic camcorder sdr s50?

Hi, the camera screen went blank thought the battery was flat, plugged the charger in and the red light flashe... [Read more]

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