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How to mend...Best Practice Despite

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Mend Leisure Equipment, Sports Equipment

'Best Putt' model not known?

My 'best putt' golf practice putter does not return the ball , despite new batteries. Can it be fixed?
Mend Musical Instruments, Guitars

My Bass Ampeg BA115 Amp stopped workng now it make loud hum when turned on!?

Regarding my Bass Ampeg BA115 Combo Amp. I was playing my Fender Jazz V5 Bass Guitar via my BA115 Amp and su... [Read more]
Mend Security Systems, Home Alarm Systems

Battery replacement?

Hi I recently had to replace my alarm battery,but when I removed the lid on the main unit the installation man... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

gearbox casing?

hi mate where could i find a new gearbox casing i had mine rebuilt last year after finding out my rear bering ... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, Roofing

how can i fix my leaking polycarbonate roof?

i have a polycarbonate roof on my conservatory and when it rains i get drips coming from the roof down the woo... [Read more]
Mend Household Appliances, Washing Machines

How to replace the belt on a Hotpoint WT761?

I have a Hotpoint Ultima WT761 Washing machine. The belt has not broken but is damaged and the edge is strippi... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

p0171 error code? e46 318i bmw?

before going on my holiday my car was very low on fuel, 10 miles left as computer picked up. put in 50.00 wort... [Read more]
Mend Heating, Oil Filled Radiators

How do I get my Danesmoor 20/25 to fire up,lock out won't stop?

I ran out of oil on thursday refilled on friday and spent most of the afternoon sucking oil throu the pipe to ... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Vans

Mercedes sprinter- low performance (please help a fellow diesel mechanic!)?

Is there a way I can pick up a bit more power/acceleration on my 311 cdi? its a 2001 and I have owned it for 4... [Read more]
Mend Software, Operating Systems

Can I set up a windows server 2003 network using 2 virtual PCs?

Hi, I'm preparing for a MCSA certification and for practice purposes I'd like to set up a small 2 PC networ... [Read more]
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