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scantronic 9200 - show area two issue?

HI, i am staying in someones house and they have given me the code to set the alarm - however when i have trie... [Read more]
Mend Security Systems, Home Alarm Systems

how do i re-program my veritasR8 plus alarm?

How can i re-program my Veritas alarm after having to reset it with factory code 4321. We had to switch off p... [Read more]
Mend Security Systems, Home Alarm Systems

Intermittent chiming from control panel when alarm is not set?

Does anyone know why the chiming sound happens when the alarm is NOT set? I enter pass code and the number 6 a... [Read more]
Mend Security Systems, Home Alarm Systems

Scantronic 9800 problem - how can I get it to work?

A Scantronic 9800 was fitted to my house many years ago and the very elderly previous owner lost the codes and... [Read more]
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can you tell me of a local stockist for a performance hammer drill mod FMTC620RHK. I need a set of brushes. M... [Read more]
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How can I fix my Whirlpool AWOD 5726 F02 problem?

My Whirlpool AWOD 5726 washing machine had stopped working, displaying an F-02 code. I found out this was a dr... [Read more]
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how to reset code on logik 22" lcd tv?

We have a tv in our communal area (supported housing project) and someone has set the lock code. We have follo... [Read more]
Mend Security Systems, Home Alarm Systems

How can I fix my house intruder alarm?

8 years ago a Compact SL8 intruder alarm (very basic key pad) was fitted. Internal battery Texecom 12V 2.1 amp... [Read more]
Mend Video, DTT Receivers

how can i find my 4 digit?

how can i get a 4 digit installation code,i live in the gloucester area and have had my box disconnected for a... [Read more]
Mend Security Systems, Home Alarm Systems

Change Veritas 8c arming code?

I've just moved into a newly converted apartment with a new Veritas 8c alarm system. The code was set by the ... [Read more]

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