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I need help on fixing my Lumicron LDC-825z3?

I need help on fixing my Lumicron LDC-825z3. Its a fantastic camera when I was using it but I dropped it once and it hasn't worked since. The lense is still out and the camera has life because the light works. Its been charged several times but nothing. Could it need a new battery?

Nicola Tasker
June 2007
my camera lumicron is missed plz block this my camera

April 2016
i have spare usb and approx 100 of these cameras with many accessories email me/..

November 2007
You could try which is on my box for my Lumicron, however it seems to be a link to nothing! The other website is also useless! The UK customer helpline 0870 766 8418 dosen't seem to work either as the mailbox is full! I need a new USB cable for mine and can't get one anywhere. I suggest you try Tesco which is where ours came from.

Debbie M
July 2007


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