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How do I sew a patch on a Barbour jacket?

I have bought a Barbour repair kit for an Olive green Barbour coat and have cut out a patch. Do I cover the tear with the patch? Do I turn the edges of the patch under to stop fraying? (In which case I can't get the provided needle through all the layers) Do I sew through the lining as well as there is no way in unless I undo a seam. Please help. A diagram would be great but can't find one on the Web.

Cass Hooton
May 2004
Send it back to Barbour and they will repair and rewax it for you!

December 2008
take it to a drycleaner with a tailor within they'll answer it correctly and help you. like they say a picture is like a million words. and i really dont feel like a million words right now.otherwise take it to my drycleaners on 173 york way london n7 9ln

shan kurrim
May 2005


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