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how can i fix my camera!!!!!!?

i dropped it by accident and it won't even turn on now!!!! it is a Kodak EasyShare cx6200 digital camera. does anyone know how to get it to work or should i just buy a new one???????

IN NEED OF HELP!!!!!! FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
January 2007
my camera turns on and then straight off again even tho its fully charged?

June 2010
There are a lot of things to try for a camera that won't power on, more than can be listed here. Suggest that you try Googling "do it yourself digital camera repair" and "won't power on" to see some of these techniques.

June 2009
HI i have a luminox lx760 camera.the batter cover has broken off. can you help me get one thank you

February 2009
Its a little late for that!!! but now that its broke i need to know how to fix it??? pleeeeaaassse help me!!!!

IN NEED OF HELP!!!!!! FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 2007
you dont need to fix your camera just dont mess it up in the first place.

April 2007


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