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How can I finalise discs from my camcorder as it is broken? ?

I have 6 years of video footage of my children and just got around to putting it on DVDs so they can watch it. My cam corder has stopped working so I can't finalise them. A company said they could do it for £90 a disc I have about 30! Surely there must be another way. It is a Panasonic vdr d100. Please, please help x

Emma Louise
December 2012
If it's a camera malfunction, get a replacement and pickup where you left off. Cheaper than £90 x 30 disks. ... £2700????? Tell him to go #*&!#.

Maybe he deals with professionals, and you sound like you're just a family man with some home videos.
For him to not suggest several affordable alternatives right off the top of his head (which I'm sure he can do) tells me he's a thief.
If you go elsewhere that does the same business and find them honest people, I suggest that you tell your story of the £90 per disk nonsense, and mention his name. You may save innocent others from being taken in by him.

January 2017
Try contact Panasonic I'm sure they would help.
Trouble with some people they take the 'proverbial'.to put it politely, especially something that is treasured like your video's.

Another thought you may be able to buy a unit that would do the job a lot cheaper then sell it on after.

For example if I bought a unit that converts video tape to dvd or vinyl records to cd's for £200 then sell 'vurtually as new' used once, with the warranty for £150 recouping most and cutting right down cost of would only cost £1.60 a disc

January 2013


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